Thank you for coming to SINERGIA to celebrate the legacy of elBulli. Below you’ll find the descriptions of the dishes you have been served. Images of the dishes will be released on Sunday, February 4.


Dry Martini Spray – elBulli1846
The road to Cala Montjoi where elBulli was situated, was long, warm, and dusty. The guests arrived hungry and expectant. By serving them the first ”dish” in the form of a Dry Martini spray, Ferran wanted to highlight this emotion of anticipation and anxiety. Instead of providing immediate satisfaction, he wanted to serve the guests something that would make them hungry for more.


Black and White of Caviar and Almond – Enigma
The impression “Black and White”, is inspired by opposites, dependent on each other to create balance and synergy. The impression consists of almond milk and caviar sauce, the caviar sauce is made by blending the caviar that is deemed too broken to be put in the cans.

Daisy & Mezcalita Nitro – Alchemist & Enigma
An interesting thing about synergy is that you realize how one thing can have many meanings. The Margarita – a cocktail we all know – is the Spanish word for the flower Daisy – also the national flower of Denmark. So, presented as a duo: the Alchemist “Daisy”, with flavors from Ferran’s favorite cocktail, Negroni, followed by Enigma’s nitro version of the Margarita – Alberts’s favorite cocktail!

Mezcalita Nitro – elBulli1846
At elBulli a tremendous amount of work was done around the world of cocktails, for example, the Dry Martini spray you tried in the entrance. Solid cocktails were another area of experimentation. The Mezcalita Nitro plays on the temperature and texture of the classic Margarita. It is made with a traditional Mexican mezcalita (Mezcal and lime), mixed in a siphon, and extruded on a bed of maltodextrin powder, then we bathe it for a few seconds in liquid nitrogen to create an outer layer.

Space Bread – Alchemist
Our research team has been working with a researcher from MIT and the NASA food lab on designing food for space travel. The research included new techniques, one of them was very high aeration, which inspired Rasmus to make an air of soy that would disappear instantly and give space for the caviar to shine. Technique: 10.000% aerated 10-year-old soy sauce from Kyoto topped with osietra imperial caviar.

Yuzu Sandwich – elBulli1846
In 2005, the team of elBullitaller traveled to Japan and discovered many new ingredients not used in Western cuisine. One of those ingredients was the obulato, which was used for the first time at elBulli in 2009. The yuzu sandwich, made with obulato, yuzu juice, and zest. Technique: Made with layers of obulato bathed in yuzu juice that is later dehydrated. Inside is a Yuzu “butter” made with inulin.

Dumpling – Alchemist
Rasmus shares the Adrià brothers’ interest in Japanese cuisine, and one of his discoveries traveling there was the delicate Japanese silk sugar wasanbon, perfect for making cotton candy. Here, the cotton candy casing is filled with traditional Asian flavors. Inside the dumpling, there is a gelified Nam Jim sauce based on a fish sauce fermented for 5 years. It is wrapped in pak choi and fresh aromatic herbs.

Fried Egg with Caviar – Enigma
Curiosity about lightness and texture created this impression. A classic composition in new textures: Freeze-dried fried egg served with caviar and sour cream.

Perfect Omelette – Alchemist
An example of a technique that would not be possible without the work of the elBullitaller-lab. This is Alchemist’s further development on the spherification technique – using the protein in the egg yolk. A brittle egg yolk membrane is shaped in a 3D mold and then filled with egg yolk- and Comté cheese cream. It is topped with a 0.5 mm thin slice of papada Joselito – the optimal thickness for melting in the mouth. Topped with a black truffle pattern and infused with black pepper using ultrasound.

Corte Helado de Parmesano – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 399 from 1997. elBulli were pioneers when it came to creating savory ice creams. Ferran has a saying: “Instead of vanilla… Cheese!” and that is exactly what you have here with an ice cream of Parmesan cheese between parmesan crackers. An iconic dish where the concept of snacks in the structure of the tasting menu was consolidated.

Rubia Gallega Air Baguette – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 947 from 2003. A signature impression first at elBulli, later at Tickets. This is the Gallega Air Baguette where cured Rubia Gallega Beefa is rolled around a thin crust. Technique: Puffed pizza dough at a very high temperature in the shape of a baguette, wrapped in Rubia Gallega cured beef.

Sunburnt Bikini – Alchemist
The ham and cheese “Bikini toast” is a Barcelona classic, named after the Bikini Concert Hall where it was first served. When Rasmus visits Barcelona this is one of the first things he searches out for a snack. Technique: The Alchemist version is made with cryo-fried mochi dough. As the ball goes from a temperature of -60 to 200 in an instant, it creates an extremely crispy outside and a sweet and chewy inside. It is filled with stringy Gruyère cheese and Joselito ham. We have used a new technique of spray printing on food to decorate the bikini sandwich with sunglasses.

Spherical Olives – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no. 1095 from 2005. The very first reverse spherification in the history of gastronomy. The famous spherical olive was invented by elBulli in 2005 after two years of development, and still today it is paid homage to at restaurants around Spain. Liquified Gordal olives, spherified using indirect spherification. Marinated in aromatized olive oil with star aniseed, black pepper, and cinnamon.

ACT III – The Dome

Tomato Granita with Almond Gelatin – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no. 159 from 1992. This dish broke new ground in several ways. The “molded” presentation was normally reserved for desserts, and here it was used in a savory dish. It was also the first savory ice cream to be served at elBulli – and it became one of their first signature dishes. Technique: Savory granita made with a Japanese tomato variety cultivated in Spain (Tomate Amela) with almond gelatin. Finished with fresh oregano and olive oil.

Butterfly – Alchemist
Farmed butterflies from our farmer Leif who raises them on only nettles in a greenhouse. Butterflies contain almost 3 times the protein of beef and chicken and could be a possible protein source in the future. Technique: A freeze-dried Nettle butterfly (eng. small tortoiseshell) on a crispy nettle leaf (made from juiced kale, parsley, and spinach) with nettle fresh cheese.

Mozzarella Soufflé – Enigma
Mozzarella soufflé, inspired by Alberts travels to Naples. Here he visited a cheese artisan, and tried the fresh, still warm, tiny mozzarella balls straight from the whey pool – this impression recreates the juicy and tender sensation he had. To make it, the whey is extracted from fresh mozzarella, and is used to make an espuma, then it is steamed in the oven.

1984 – Alchemist
The impression is inspired by the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell. In it, the population is controlled and watched by an all-knowing presence: Big Brother. The phrase ”Big Brother is watching you” screams out from the posters in Orwell’s version of London in 1984. Reading the book today there are some striking and scary parallels with the society of today, mainly regarding the harvesting of personal information through social media. Technique: The pupil of the eye is filled with lobster in mussel jus, yellow kushu, a bread crouton, cod eye gel, and Chef’s Selection caviar.

Ravioli Que Se Va – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 1628 from 2009. The rise of molecular gastronomy introduced the possibility of playing with our senses and the mind’s constant attempts to always make sense of things. This is the iconic Vanishing Ravioli, filled with pine nut praliné and roasted pine nuts – to be dipped in a pinecone infusion. Dip just for a second (or you might miss it.) Technique: The disappearing transparent ravioli are made with round oblate, ultra-thin, and transparent edible film discs made of potato starch and soy lecithin that instantly dissolve as they get in contact with water – but not with oil or fat!

Foie Granchovy – Enigma
Foie gras cured in anchovy salt. The salt has infused the foie gras, marrying a corner-stone tapas ingredient with a fine dining luxury. Technique: Duck foie gras that is cured in anchovy salt for 8–10 min. The anchovy salt used is the result of curing the anchovies in salt in large cans.

Marinated Espardenya + Holoturia Alchemist Style – Enigma & Alchemist
The vinegar-cured sea cucumber stomach is divided into filaments and served with its crunchy skin. It is an elaboration normally done with fresh anchovies in Spain, “Boquerones en Vinagre”. It is served with a Chinese-inspired sea cucumber bouillon with dried chili, shiitake mushrooms, Szechuan pepper, lemongrass, and white soy. We have used the interior of the sea cucumbers as a kind of noodles in the soup.

Yuba With Jamon Iberico & Sea Urchin – dos palillos
Besides techniques and a revolutionary approach to the restaurant industry, one of the most long-lasting legacies of elBulli is the long line of alumni-chefs, affectionately called Bullinianos, that worked there – and afterwards spread out through the culinary world. This is a dish from Bulliniano Albert Raurich, who was Head Chef at elBulli for 10 years, and is now owner of the Barcelona restaurant Dos Palillos (1 star) and Dos Pebrots. We are very proud that he has joined our team in the kitchen for this special event Technique: Milk Yuba served with a “dashi” broth made with pure jamón ibérico de bellota and palo cortado sherry. Topped with sea urchin.

Espuma De Judías Blancas con Erizo – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 240 from 1994 . Nowadays the siphon is used in all restaurant kitchens as well as in many homes. But when elBulli discovered in 1994 that it could be used to create textures lighter than mousse, yet able to carry intense flavor, it was a technical revolution. The white bean espuma was the first of its kind to be served at a restaurant. It is served on top of an Icelandic sea urchin with a white bean water gelatine.

Pulpitos – Estimar
Chef Rafa Zafra is another Bulliniano, that has come with the team especially for this event. He was the chef of ElBulli Hotel, and also the Head Chef of Heart Ibiza. Nowadays he runs the restaurant Estimar in Barcelona and Madrid, focusing on the bounty of the Mediterranean Sea. The dish is made with baby octopus, chicken consomme, and tear-shaped baby green peas from Maresme (Catalunya).

Plastic Fantastic – Alchemist
This impression is inspired by the large garbage patches, found in our oceans. The patches occur in the stable centers of the ocean currents, where a natural vortex collects the garbage. While it might conjure up an image of an island of trash, these patches look more like a cloudy soup, where microplastics are mixed in with larger items. Technique: This is a further development of elBullis work with oblato, combining it with fish collagen and algae to recreate the feeling of plastic in the ”vortex” covering the Danish plaice fried in a dough made of fish collagen and flour topped with pickles and freeze-dried apple vinegar. 

Spanish Kiss – Alchemist
A play on flavor perception and how our understanding of flavors changes depending on how they are presented to us. This is a Spanish Tongue Kiss inspired by the travels Rasmus has had to Barcelona leading up to this event!

Food For Thought – Alchemist
Lamb’s brain is not normally eaten in Denmark and is otherwise discarded as waste, which is a shame since it is regarded as a delicacy in other parts of the world. In this impression, we want to challenge the thought of it as waste and instead showcase it as the star of the show.

Homage to Juli Soler
This is an homage to Juli Soler – a man who had a massive impact at elBulli. He was a big fan of Rolling Stones and a wine lover! Together with Ferran, he was co-owner of elBulli, and he was also the restaurant manager from 1981 until it closed. Sadly, he is not among us anymore, hence this tribute was enjoyed with one of his favorite wines: a bottling especially made for this event. Meursault from Lucien Le Moine. We have designed special laser cut chips for Juli with all the things that he loved including music in general (he was a DJ) BARCA, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, sports cars, and nice clothes.
Technique: To create this impression, we use a version of an old artistic technique from the 19th century called Lithophane. It was originally an etched or sculpted artwork in porcelain, molded to varying thicknesses. When lit from behind the different thicknesses show up as shades, forming an image. Instead of porcelain, we use a cream of Jerusalem artichoke and a mold made with 3D technology to create the effect.

Soy Burrata & Black Truffle – Enigma
A recreated burrata, without a drop of milk. Suitable for intolerants in every way, it is accompanied by black truffles and broad beans. Technique: Burrata made by spherifying a mixture of fermented soy milk. Served with black truffle.

Hunger – Alchemist
Hunger is one of modern civilization’s great paradoxes since it is a problem that already has a solution. The cure for hunger is called food – and we already produce too much of it. Over 800 million people around the world go to bed hungry each night. At the same time, one-third of all the food that is produced for human consumption is wasted, and obesity is one of the Western world’s most pressing health issues. This impression is an attempt to showcase this paradox in concrete form. Technique: The main feature is sustainable rabbit meat from Denmark. It is cut thinly and draped over a sculptured human chest, reminding diners of the undernourished children that are a result of the global inequalities in food distribution. It is complemented by a harissa sauce inspired by North African flavors.

Chuletòn Lobster – Enigma
An iconic impression from Enigma. Giving lobster the same satisfying umami known from meat by curing it for two days in aged chuletón fat. Later the fat is removed, and the lobster is grilled on charcoal on the Josper grill.

Footprint – Alchemist
Around 30% of each chicken that is slaughtered goes to waste. A large part of this waste consists of the feet, which are very appreciated in Asian countries but not generally accepted as food in the west. This impression is a tribute to the ingenuity of Asian kitchens, and their ability to find flavor and texture in all parts of the animal. Technique: the chicken feet are first pressure-cooked together with ingredients for a classic Tom Yum soup, galangal, garlic, coriander, and shiitake mushrooms. We pick the bones out of the feet and use the broth to make a clear consommé, adding nam prik-sauce with fermented shrimp, chili, tamarind, and lime juice. Lastly, the feet are cryo-fried and glazed with a sticky sweet and sour sauce. The consommé is served with aromatic jasmine oil.

Frozen Parmesan Air – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 1009 from 2004. Returning to the idea of using cheese instead of vanilla, this is a further development: An air made from Parmesan whey. The incredible lightness of the texture tricks the senses. Technique: We make a parmesan whey air with soy lecithin and freeze it. It is served with a müsli on the side with dried apple, roasted walnuts, and freeze-dried raspberries.

Spice Wheel – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no. 367 from 1996. When this impression was first served in 1996 at elBulli, it broke all the rules for what you could do in a restaurant. As a playful discovery, the guest was handed a list of spices to try and match with each featured on the plate, getting in close contact with the consciousness around the tastebuds. Technique: Granny Smith green apple gelatin with the spices in clockwise order: 12 mint, 1 nutmeg, 2 curry, 3 saffron, 4 cardamoms, 5 Sichuan pepper, 6 vanilla seeds, 7 confit ginger, 8 cinnamon, 9 rose pepper, 10 star anise, 11 juniper.

Scream – Alchemist
This impression is inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia. When Rasmus sees an artwork, he often automatically also “tastes” it in his mind. This dessert is his attempt to convey the flavors he experiences when seeing the famous painting The Scream. Technique: Under the canvas, you will find the flavors saffron, Cointreau, salted olives, and mandarin in different textures. The canvas is edible.

Letter Soup – elBulli1846
elBulli dish no 1062 from 2004. elBulli challenged the idea of shape and form in a multitude of ways. This is a fresh cheese ice cream with amaretto, strawberry soup, and strawberry meringue. The shape was inspired by pop art and alphabet pasta. Technique: Fresh cheese ice cream, amaretto reduction, strawberry soup, and strawberry dry meringue letters.

Andy Warhol – Alchemist
An interpretation of Andy Warhol’s iconic banana that first appeared on the sleeve of the Velvet Underground & Nico album from 1967. Technique: The crispy casing made from banana juice and milk protein is filled with a Manzano banana sorbet, cachaça gel, tonka bean gel, lemon puré, and a fluffy jasmine meringue.


elBulli Chocolate Box – elBulli1846 & Enigma & Alchemist
elBulli was the first restaurant to make a chocolate box containing multiple chocolates the aim was to manifest generosity. Alchemist has replicated the original chocolate box served at elBulli for this event, with 9 different chocolates, three from each restaurant.

The glowing test-tube cocktail is inspired by nature and the amazing phenomenon of bioluminescence. The glow effect is completely natural, due to a powder extracted from bioluminescent jellyfish. It contains spheres filled with lime and lemon juice.