Redefining Dining

In the same way as the ancient alchemists sought to fuse philosophy, natural science, religion and the arts to create a new understanding of the world order, the aim of Holistic Cuisine is to redefine and broaden our understanding of the concept of dining.

Holistic dining is per definition multi-layered. It draws upon elements from the world of gastronomy, theatre and art, as well as science, technology and design, in order to create an all-encompassing and dramaturgically driven sensory experience.

Flavour, high quality ingredients, skillful preparation and the process of eating forms the foundation, but the experience is designed to extend beyond the plate, seeping into both the immediate physical surroundings as well as transcending time and space.

Holistic Cuisine is meant to be experienced.


Rasmus Munk, Alchemist

Download the full Holistic Cuisine Manifest here.